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Worked for the National Institute of Health to help develop the look and feel of their Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) started by President Barack Obama. The goal of program is to expand medical research to reflect the diversity of Americans with a focus on underserved communities. For this client I worked with a small design team to create print and digital campaigns starting with the launch of the program and continuing on to future phases. The program is partnered with many corporate, institutional, non-profit organizations, such as Cedars-Sinai, Spectrum Health, Walgreens, and the University of Pittsburgh. We worked closely with each partner to create tailored assets that reflect  the needs of the communities they serve all across America. 

Credits: Wondros. Creative Director: Jason Bacasa. Graphic Designers: Brett Meier, Steven Rahbany, Amanda Cabassa. Copywriter: McCabe Walsh.

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