With the help of a small team, including a Creative Director and Environmental Designer, I worked closely with Facebook to help design the look and feel of their CES appearance showcasing their family of apps and services (WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Marketplace and Oculus). This coincided with the launch of Facebook Company's new branding and was the very first time Facebook or anyone would see their new branding physically in print or environmental design.
As an Art Director/Designer my responsibilities included any and all print materials that were produced (such as small price tags, posters, decals, fabricated signs, wall colors, banners, etc.) as well as responsible for making sure everything followed Facebook's meticulous brand guidelines. I followed the project from concepting all the way through production, producing hundreds of print ready files and any presentation/style guides.
Credits: Jack Morton Creative Director: Alex Esguerra Environmental Designer: Cody Stokes Art Director/Designer: Brett Meier

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