After adjusting to a COVID world, Facebook decided to hold the tradition GMS Summit virtually. Taking the concept "We may be worlds apart, but we can Festival together", we developed a logo identity and brand based around what Festivals look like. The logo references ticket stubs and wristbands used for entry with the word "Festival" handwritten and personalized. We had Facebook employees around the world, in their own languages, write out "Festival" and implemented into a suite of logos used across all assets. 
The creative assets took that same thinking and developed a system where the base "information" layer followed Facebook company guidelines, and then an "imagination" layer was added to make each asset feel personalized and fun. These doodles and illustrations were hand drawn first, and then stickers and icons from Facebook or Instagram were added to further connect Facebook brands. 
Speakers at the event included Mark Zuckerberg, David Fischer, Ali Wong, Janet Mock, DJ D-Nice, Trevor Noah and more.
Credits: Jack Morton Creative Director: Anoushka Hirst Art Director: Bhavin Gopalji Graphic Designer: Brett Meier

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